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Pro Fide, Pro

Utilitate Hominum

For Faith, For
Service to Humanity


Welcome to the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller.

Our goal with the website is to provide the wider community and Members an easier way to learn about the history behind the Grand Priory of Australasia (GPA), its Priories and Commanderies, the work of the Order and the communities that it supports.  The website also provides a secure member area, where additional information and GPA communication will be located.

The website is interactive - Members will need a valid email address (listed in the Roll of Honour) to access key areas. If you have not submitted your email contact details to you are encouraged to do so, to enable interaction with the new site.

The Web Team will update content with information, events, newsletters, announcements from the Grand Priory, Priories and Commanderies within Australasia aligned with the publication dates of the Bulletin. 

We look forward to hearing your suggestions, feedback or comments. If you have any questions  please e-mail us at:

Victor Feros GCSJ CMSJ 

Grand Prior of Australasia     

LOG IN here to the Member's Domain: <click on icon>

for access to Priory and Commandery member's news, notices, event details, interactive calendar, on-line Bulletin and information from across Australasia and much more.

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